How It Started

In 2017 my son asked for laser tag for Christmas. As I always do, I went to google to search what the best laser tag system is and prices to see what would make sense for great family fun laser tag game. As I scoured the internet I came across a laser tag system that made me drop my jaw. I had no idea that there existed laser tag systems that could replicate war games similar to airsoft and paintball but with a controlled system that would simulate modern video games. I run a small construction business and instead of just a cool Christmas present for my son, I found a new fantastic hobby and a team building activity for my company staff!

And Then...

I2018 to 2019 I started running events for church groups as I volunteer in different supporting rolls within my church organization. I started running games for missionaries, youth groups and even the adults/youth combined. I tried new game play ideas with differing groups and continued to come up with new strategy type game play and joined social groups/networks for how to improve game play and come up with new ideas. I also  started to program my own game modes into the laser tag equipment to suite my ideas of how I wanted the game play to work as well as the equipment. 


In 2020 I started up San Diego Laser Tag, it is a non profit organization where I am able to provide opportunities to college students and youth to support their future to pay for their education as well as create savings for their future and even plans for serving missions for their church. It creates a great learning opportunity to gain work experience as well as work with large groups to increase their confidence in speaking in front of groups and providing instruction. While doing this, I’m also gives me the opportunity to share the fun that I have found in just letting loose and having some fun in harmless, projectile free, battle! Even better, its something I can do with my kids as we work together with help from youth and college students it makes a difference in them, my own kids as well as provide a really cool and unique experience for those we are able to offer our services to!

Enter San Diego Laser Tag!