San Diego Laser Tag

San Diego Laser Tag offers Mobile Laser Tag Services for your events, parties, etc. This is a great source for  entertainment or as a team building opportunity!

What you do:

Simply review our plan options and check availability on our bookings page to see if we have availability for your event day/time. Note that we do sometimes have large event hosting that may overlap with schedules but we will confirm your booking with you with any follow up questions needed. We do typically book out a week to two weeks in advance for most dates with larger events typically booking out 3 months in advance.

Please provide specific information in your event booking request such as total participant/player counts, if you have a location in mind for your event already or are needing suggestions, age range of participants/players, purpose in the event (team building, party type, etc.) and any other pertinent information that might be needed.

What We Do After You Book:

We will review the event request details that you submit and get back to you as soon as possible to confirm availability to provide our services to you as well as answer any questions you may have. 

We provide electronic invoicing for our services as well as an E-Waiver for participants/guardians to review and sign.

Where do we run events?

We run events all over San Diego County! Whether it be your own building/property or a public park, we are mobile and can set up and run our services anywhere. This allows us to provide a unique, private, convenient, fun, and action packed event entertainment option. 

You Should Know:

Many cities within San Diego County do require you to reserve and some times pay a fee for using city parks for your parties/events. Be sure to check with the city to confirm any details. We can provide a certificate of insurance for the Department of Parks and Recreations if needed/requested. City Ground Use Fees or Permit Fees are not included in our services, except for large/high-player-volume/corporate events we often include permit fees in our pricing/services.

Food and Drinks is not part of our services rendered.

Setup and Take down:

We often require some time before and after the event to set up and take down our equipment.

Play Time: 

Whether all or some participants want to take a break we will keep games going as long as there are participants/players ready to play! We will continue, non stop, for the duration of the event. If booked for two hours or six hours, we will run games non-stop.

Types of Play:

We cater the game play based upon the age of the players. Younger groups really just love to point and shoot and take little caution for protecting themselves. Over complicated play styles/scenarios are not fit for younger participants/players so we keep the games simple and fun. Older players/participants tend to find more enjoyment in more strategic/tactical play style and we increase the complexity of play styles/games based upon the player/participant age/experience. From simple free for all battles to team eliminations to objective based play with various weapon types and multiple teams requiring strategy and communication to be victorious.