SD Tactical Laser Tag


SD LASER TAG - Providing a different approach to teach impacting and insightful lessons in Team Work and Leadership

Corporations - Youth Organizations - Church Retreats

Our training events build team work, patience, understanding, team support, dependence, sacrifice, and create lasting bonds between individuals. We focus on teaching how each individual has different strengths and how an organization, group or team can benefit, as a whole, by understanding individual strengths as well as combined strengths and working together to utilize each other's attributes to accomplish a goal.

How It works...

The Teams:

Teams are formed, based upon the amount of participants. Each Team takes on a color that will set them apart from the others. The equipment illuminates their team color, based upon the assigned team. Each Participant on the team will take on a unique weapon and ability during the game. These differences provide similarities to strengths and functions of a individuals in a team. As player learn to effectively utilize their weapon and ability in the game play, they become more effective. As the team learns to rely upon each others weapons and abilities, they become a powerful unit. As they coordinate, communicate, understand each others strengths and weaknesses they become undefeatable. Which team will dominate?

meet the team:

the medic

The medic has the unique ability to revive players in the field. When in range, players face each other and a downed team mate pulls the trigger on their weapon and is able to be revived back into play. The medic also has lots of armor and a powerful pistol.

the tank

When pressing the ALT fire button, he launches a grenade at opponents, eliminating the entire group within 15 feet of each other. Armed with an intense Automatic Shotgun, the tank is a power house


With a fast firing fully automatic - silenced assault rifle, the mercenary is also equipped with body armor to provide even more protection in battle.

the sniper

Equipped with a bolt action sniper rifle, the sniper picks off foes at range. Add the ability to disable a group of enemies with concussion grenades the sniper can quickly escape to gain a better advantage point.

the soldier

Loaded with the well known M4 Fully automatic rifle, the soldier is also equipped with a larger than average magazine capacity to gain more shots than others in a heated battle.

the specialist

Toting a beast of a gun that has a 75 round capacity, This player can deal tons of damage to a group, be careful though as with all those rounds, jamming becomes an issue and will require the player to unjam the weapon. The specialist also has the ability to deliver a limited amount of medic supplies to allies to heal them in battle when they are close.

play and objectives:

Participants use their weapons and skills to defend each other, their base as well as to attack the other team(s) and capture their base. At each Teams base there is means to respawn, or be revived, once their health is depleted. All players are allotted unlimited lives and are able to be revived at their base or by the team's medic. However, the team's Medic can only be revived three times but does not require the use of the home base to respawn. After being out for 15 seconds, the medic may respawn him/herself by simply pulling the trigger on the gun.

Each Team's base can be captured by the opposing team(s). Once captured, the base changes alignment/allegiance to the team that captured it and will now serve to revive the new team's teammates.

The exercise ends when either the allotted time has depleted or only one team remains in play. Victor is determined as the only remaining team, if this is not the case, the team with the most bases captured at the end of the time limit, if this is not a determining factor then the team with their medic still remaining in play.

After taking damage, it is important to note that there is a slow health regeneration. Over time, participants regain their health and armor after a period of not taking any damage.

what is taught during the exercise:

It is important to understand that while yes, being the victor and striving to be the victor is an exciting part of the exercise, the real winner is the team that effectively grasps the concept of the balancing of the game with the unique weapons/abilities/health. Additionally considering each other's strengths and abilities of the teammates is vital. Participants do not have to be extremely athletic, or show exemplary leadership skills in planning and coordinating the teams efforts. True teamwork and partnering is only capable when all individuals recognize their own personal strengths and weaknesses and are able to work together, be understanding with each other, support each other, strengthen each other, properly plan together, and carry out the plan. The process of improvement is always to huddle together and revisit the plan, find weaknesses and improvements and continue to do better to obtain a goal.

These points are emphasized before, during and after the exercise to instill the principals that are essential in today's leaders and teams.